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Midwife Catherine has been a Midwife operating in Perth for over 35 years, practicing in hospitals and homes all over Western Australia. She prides herself on an evidence-based approach to midwifery and general care, and make sure that all my clients can make their own informed choices.

How I Can Help

Midwife Catherine provides a range of services and packages to help with pre and post natal care for you and your child. As a qualified and certified IBCLC, Midwife Catherine offers expert advice and specialised care that is tailored to your specific needs.


There are many benefits to breastfeeding for mother and child.

Postpartam Care

New mothers often need just as much care as their newborns do.

Extended Care for New Mothers

Extended midwife care for new mothers can be a big help.

Breast Care

Feeding your child incorrectly can cause issues with mothers breasts.

Endorsed Midwife and IBCLC Services

There are many benefits to breastfeeding for both mother and child, but it’s not always easy to get started. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and member of Lactation Consultants Australia and New Zealand (LCANZ), Midwife Catherine can provide you with advanced care and guidance to overcome difficulties with breastfeeding.

A IBCLC can be perfect for new mothers who are facing difficulties with breastfeeding their newborn child. As with all areas of raising a healthy child, there are many common problems with straight forward solutions, and other more complex issues that vary from person to person. 

We Specialise In Working With

  • New Mothers
  • Baby Position
  • Attachment Difficulties and Suckling
  • Milk Supply
  • Fussy or Wakeful Babies
  • Common Concerns
  • Breastfeeding at Work

Postpartam care​

New mothers often need just as much care as their newborns do.


Post Partam Care is extended care for new mothers immediately following the birth. In years past, new mothers would stay in hospital for 10 or more days after child birth, now they are out the next day. Post Partam Care provides support for both mother and child and helps make the transition to childcare easier for both parents.


Pregnancy and child-birth are very taxing on mothers and specialised support can be vital in ensuring a healthy, happy family. Midwife Catherine offers advanced Post Partum Care to help relieve the stress on new mothers, provide insight and advice on childcare, and offer guidance.


  • Relieve stress after birth
  • Continue care for mother and child
  • Provide health care insight and education
  • Better breastfeeding outcomes
  • Improve connection between mother and child
  • Improve child sleep patterns
  • Better prevention and support for postnatal
  • depression

Extended care for new mothers​

Midwife Care is typically only offered during a pregnancy, however extended care for new mothers can be a big help in settling into life as a new mother and help lower the stress and anxiety associated with raising your first child.


Midwife care often leads to a higher chance of natural delivery without caesarian. This means a shorter stay in hospital post delivery, and allows for extended at-home care to be performed by the midwife.


As a registered nurse and midwife specialist with over 35 years experience in the field, Midwife Catherine offers specialised at-home midwifery care for new mothers. Catherine uses an evidence-based approach to midwife care, allowing you to make informed choices for your child with up-to-date information.


  • Greater birth satisfaction for you and your partner
  • Safer birth outcomes for your baby
  • Better breastfeeding outcomes
  • More chance of a natural delivery with less need for epidurals, inductions and caesarean sections
  • More successful vaginal births after a caesarean section
  • Shorter stay in hospital post delivery
  • Better prevention and support for postnatal depression

Breast care

Feeding your child incorrectly can cause issues with mothers breasts, including soreness, itching and nipple trauma. I can help correct the issues and minimise these problems and care for your breasts while breastfeeding.


With your baby correctly positioned and attached to the breast you should not have sore nipples. Sore and/or cracked nipples are NOT normal. Seek help as soon as you experience soreness.


  • Nipple Trauma
  • Breast Soreness
  • Cracked Nipples
  • Low Milk Supply

Package One -
Antenatal Consultation & Planning


Ideally, you start planning whilst still pregnant. I can provide a detailed service that includes:


Expressing colostrum from 37 weeks gestation and how to store colostrum (syringes supplied).


Thorough medical history to identify any potential issues that may impact breast feeding.


Do’s & Don’ts after the first few days post delivery to assist breast feeding and a one hour visit in home, postnatally.

Medicare rebates available.

Package Two -
Consultation & Follow ups


Looking after your newborn child takes a huge mental toll, and it can be hard to stay on top of everything.

With a Consultation and Follow Up package, you’ll get all the benefits of a personal, one-on-one consultation as well as follow-up phone call sessions.


This service offers you postnatal breast feeding help & a 2 hour consultation with two weeks of follow up contact. 



Medicare rebates are offered in the first seven weeks. Healthcare card holders are bulk billed. 

Package Three -
Continuing Education Health


Provide the very best care for your child with a Continuing Health Education for you and your child. Perfectly suited for new mothers, this package includes multiple consultation and planning sessions as well as regular follow-up phone calls to keep track of your child’s development and provide specialised nursing education for you.