Gut Health

Gut Health

lactation expert

Gut health is being investigated widely today, increasing research shows that what goes into our gut has profound impact on our microbiome. Big word, what does it mean? the microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes- bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that live on and in the human body, from the moment we are born.Human breast milk has evolved over millions of years ago to be a vital part in human survival.


At birth the baby’s gut is highly permeable, which is a good thing, it allows utilisation of breastmilk cells and immune components through to give baby an excellent start to building a robust immune system.


The down side is that if the baby is given a ‘comp’ of non human breast milk(NHBM) in those early days, the foreign proteins enter the highly permeable gut and set up an allergic response that can cause asthma, eczema and other inflammatory disease process. After being exposed to one small amount of NHBM; it takes sixty days for the gut to heal.


I do not want to frighten anyone and I fully believe that every woman has the right to feed her baby as she chooses, after giving informed consent.


If you went to the doctor, and they prescribed a medicine for you baby, but did not inform you of the risks, you would not be pleased?


So, when someone tells you to just give your breast fed baby, “just give the a bottle of formula”. Explain why you chose not to.


Please ask any questions and if you perceive you do not have “enough”  breast milk, I can help.

If you want help with your gut health and building a robust immune system for you and your baby, check out Midwife Catherine’s lactation consultant packages.