How to get your newborn into a “Routine”?

How to get your newborn into a “Routine”?

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Basically, If I had the 100 % fail proof answer to this, I would be living the high life now.


Human beings are the most helpless, dependent and vulnerable mammals born.


Evolutionary, we are born too soon. Human brains started to grow, and our pelvises didn’t.


So when the human baby is born, she can only crawl to the breast and start feeding.


She has no concept of night or day, she cannot think cognitively She only knows hunger and fear which can be solved by her Mother and family.


Newborn babies love being close to another human being; try baby wearing, co-sleeping safely, feeding on demand and know that it will all improve with time.


It is very damaging to sleep train a young baby; yes sure they will eventually sleep through after learning that no-one will come and comfort them.Research supports that these children will become anxious, needy and lacking in confidence.


You cannot spoil your baby by holding them, comforting them and feeding them when they are hungry, not when you think they should be hungry.



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